Time of the Writer introductory talk

opening talk

photo courtesy B. Coppin

Sanbonani nonke. Good evening everyone. Language is everything. What we say. How we say it. What we don’t say. What we understand. It is a great honour to be here for this week amongst these esteemed writers from South Africa and Africa. Great thanks to Tiny Mungwe, and much gratitude to the Centre for Creative Arts.

Trying to write, the act of writing, and then the process of getting published is much like shooting basketball hoops with a blindfold wrapped around your face. You know the general direction of the wire hoop, and the best you can do is face that way. Otherwise, you have no idea if the ball will miss the hoop completely, if it will teeter around the wire edge endlessly and eventually just miss the mark, or if it will fall perfectly in place, and you can convince yourself for a short period of time that it was always meant to be. Despite the lack of guarantees, and often missing the mark, writing is the thing that I do for my life.

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